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The Kissing Club is a duo from New York City, making music with guitar, cello, electronics, and voice.

Quiet, intimate, and explosive. Like Philip Glass, Nick Cave, and CocoRosie sharing a French cruller while reviewing divorce papers.

Jacob Miller was born in New York City’s Roosevelt Hospital, and spent his childhood in the West Village. Performing mostly in a rock n roll context, he has learned instruments from oboe to banjo and toured throughout the United States as a guitarist and singer.

John Michael Swartz was born in San Diego, studying cello and keyboard from an early age. Coming from a classical and experimental background, he has worked extensively as an audio engineer and performed internationally as a cellist.

The Kissing Club has just returned from a short tour of the Midwest in support of their new release, Tapdancer.

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Available at Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and wherever quality music is electrically conveyed.

Accept no imitations! Look for the distinctive Helvetica imprint and quality digitisation.

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